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Australia is one of the top study destination with an excellent education system and a high standard of living. There are over 1100 institutions offering a wide range of programs in Australia. According to statistics, 35 Australian universities are ranked among the world’s best-ranked universities. Australia spends up to $ 250 million dollars per year in financial aids, scholarships and grants. The contemporary lifestyle and the indigenous culture attracts many international students every year. The country is popular for its diverse landscapes, modern cities and its laid-back attitude.

Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

  1. Macquarie University
  2. RMIT University, Melbourne
  3. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
  4. University of South Australia, Adelaide
  5. Deakin University, Melbourne
  6. Griffith University

Popular Courses

  1. Information Technology and Information System
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Civil and Structural Engineering
  5. Planning and Architecture

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