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Want to study in a European country with a high quality of life? Somewhere green and clean? Snowy and fairytale-like? How about riding a bike instead of catching the tube or the bus on your way to university? If all of this sounds good, why not consider studying in Denmark?

If you’re convinced this Nordic nation could be for you, click on the tabs below to find out more about universities in Denmark, applications, fees, student cities and more.

Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

  1. University of Copenhagen
  2. Technical University of Denmark
  3. Aarhus University
  4. Aalborg University
  5. University of Southern Denmark

Popular Courses

  1. Master of Science
  2. Master of Business Management
  3. MA in international Tourism and Leisure Management
  4. MSc in Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Global Management

Scholarships to Study in Denmark

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