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Switzerland offers a good cultural boost for the international students looking for different options in study abroad. It helps the students to expand their cultural horizons as it is a home for four national languages — Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch giving them equally rich in cultural diversity. This makes Switzerland the ideal choice as a study abroad destination. Switzerland is a home to a friendly and caring educational environment. It has a quality academic standard. The high quality of education is relatively accessible, and a larger chunk of the student population is international students. You will meet and associate with people from all over the world, giving you a very global outlook and politically neutral understanding of life.

Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

  1. International University in Geneva
  2. EU Business School, Montreux and Geneva
  3. Hotel & Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi), Lucerne
  4. Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS),Lucerne
  5. University of Management, Eonomics & Finance (UMEF),Geneva

Popular Courses

  1. International Business Management
  2. F&B and Restaurant Management
  3. Hotel & Design Management
  4. Luxury Marketing
  5. Culinary Pastry & Banking
  6. Enterpreneurship
  7. Event management
  8. Hospitality Management

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